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The EPM patch situation is ever changing. I've trawled through the patch search pages and provided direct links to all the latest patches for EPM versions and

Note that for the latter, Oracle have made a welcome change of approach by releasing one major (1.8G) patch set update that covers most of the Foundation and Applications and tagged under 'Hyperion Shared Services' as the product. There are still seperate patches for the Essbase related components and DRM.


Deloitte have invited me back to help them deliver a Financial Reporing Systems Landscape 'as-is' review for a major international education client.

Part time, so it allows us to help other clients out.

Mike (from Chiumento) has now demo'ed the new Arbora website we have been developing in Joomla (so much more of a self service Content Management type of system) to the Arbora partners at the Singapore conference.

Feedback was apparently great, so expecting the new site to go live at some point soon.

Back at M&G around 10 months after being there initially (to upgrade their EPM to for Win7 support), and also installing the new environments.

Now looking to help them Polish & extend the nice new shiny solutions that were implemented by Ranzal.

Aberdeen Asset Managers seem to be going from strength to strength.

We have been there helping out with an Infrastructure and integration process review.

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