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Yes and no... It has many of the same terminology and features of DRM but works in a fundamentally different way.

It is more like a cloud version of DRM that is based around use via DRG module only, and into a persistent 'Master Version'. So every change is done in the context of a Request, which is atomic (so can hold other related changes and be approved & committed as one). 

Gone are concepts around Version containers... once Request is approved change is committed. New/Pending changes can only be viewed through the lens of a request.

What is new/better (in our opinion) is the concept of subscriptions, where actions in one App/View can flow to others to keep related viewpoints in sync with a master, or have a simplified business entry layer that can get more complex as it goes deeper towards specific App level properties.

It helps to facilkitate the idea of "Manage by exception" keeping entry layer simple (Wide [scope] but Shallow [complexity]) and thus allows business to take ownership of their own data (leaving IT Tech teams to just manage framework and Technical elements like integrations).  

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