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During July and August I was able to help Rexam migrate from to (yes I know it does not show that as a upgrade path, but I found no need to upgrade to first).

The upgrade went really well, with the new EPM configuration tool accepting most of the existing artefacts and security seamlessly from the EPMData folder or the migrated schemas.

There were a only a few gotcha's - esspecially arounf Essbase and EAS connectivity... consider doing your Essbase artefact copies (via EAS) before applying the .500+ essbase patches as after that EAS will not connect to the older versions of essbase, and it will need to be a filesystem copy.

As usual there are some new issues with the new release. These are the ones we spotted...

  • EAS unable to connect to older essbase versions.
  • Planning Form precision is used when copying values (instead of underlying Essbase numeric precision) so detail is lost
  • FR Export to Excel, new default behaviour is for 'pages' to become seperate workbook tabs. A patch 503 is needed to allow the FR config tool to change this default behavior
  • FR also seemed to occasionally merge data columns on export to Excel./
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