As you may know, Oracle and Hyperion before them acquired many best of breed products in the Enterprise Performance Management area to form the original Hyperion System 9 suite, which evolved into what Oracle now provide as the EPM 11.x  Middleware suite.


This process resulted in many differing IT technologies being bolted together to form the Suite, which must be able to run on the diverse Enterprise platforms that Oracles customers utilise. For example:-

Not your usual IT challenge

While none of the above technologies individually should cause IT support departments a problem, the combination and complexity can make it a challenge.

The above gives just a hint of why the installation/configuration or upgrading of the EPM suite is not just a Run of SETUP.exe and can take several days (per environment). Add High Availability and/or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) into the mix and it can be up to two weeks for each environment.

At EPM Infra Ltd we are adept at working with your IT department to ensure that the servers are prepared and used optimally to get the best out of the resulting system. This may include such things as:-

We hope the above has given you a flavour of what we can do to help you, but please get in touch if you have specific issues or concerns that we can help you with.
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