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Master Data Management usign tools such as Oracle's Data Relationship Manager (DRM) allow users to centralise and manage their complex Master Data. Such data can include the standard Chart of Accounts type structures in addition to other enterprise wide structures such as product hierarchies.

The central theme is that rather than just storing a set of metadata for each consuming system, it is combined into a master structure which has properties that allow each consuming system to receive it's metadata dirived from the master structure.

Game Changing

DRM SolutionTools such as DRM were often seen as niche, and only taken up by enterpise scale organisations that had identified that many of their processes were failing or inefficient due to lack of control in this critical area. What has changed recently is that Oracle's new Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH) uses DRM as the tool to manage and import the GL segment metadata, and allow it to be syncronised with E-Business Suite R12. 

If your using it to manage your GL and/or EBS why would you not also leverage it's flexibility to control your EPM systems?

Imagine a situation where you could never have a data load failure in Planning Actuals due to a new Account being missing, as it has to be in DRM before it can get anywhere near the GL! You're designing out your failure points at source.

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