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Our EPM Services

The articles in this section provide more insight into the services that we can provide, but we are always happy to discuss any new services that we can help you with.

Oracle have some of the best of breed tools and applications within the EPM Suite but getting them to transfer data and meta-data can be a challenge.

Sometimes this is simply due to the need to properly 'shape' the incoming data (for example from a GL) into the dimensions+Value format required by the cubes.

Master Data Management usign tools such as Oracle's Data Relationship Manager (DRM) allow users to centralise and manage their complex Master Data. Such data can include the standard Chart of Accounts type structures in addition to other enterprise wide structures such as product hierarchies.

The central theme is that rather than just storing a set of metadata for each consuming system, it is combined into a master structure which has properties that allow each consuming system to receive it's metadata dirived from the master structure.

As you may know, Oracle and Hyperion before them acquired many best of breed products in the Enterprise Performance Management area to form the original Hyperion System 9 suite, which evolved into what Oracle now provide as the EPM 11.x  Middleware suite.

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