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Latest Patch situation for Oracle EPM release

This release was only made available in the last week of Jan 2015 but already there are PSU available as below and recommended in KB Article 1400559.1.

Product/Component Search link (prd code)  PSU (   Patch Link Patch Released 
Hyperion Installation Technology (hyphit) ​none    
Shared Services (hyphss) 
RA Foundation​ (hypbip) 
​RA Interactive Reporting (hypbip)  Terminal Rel none  
RA ​Workspace (hypbip)    none    
RA ​Web Analysis (hypbip)   Terminal Rel? none    
Financial Reporting (hypfr)
Essbase Server (hypesb) ​001 20532929 13-Mar-15
​Essbase RTC (hypesb) 001 20532925  13-Mar-15
​Essbase Client MSI (hypesb) 001 20532922 13-Mar-15
EAS Server (hypeas) 001 20532901 13-Mar-15
EAS Console MSI (hypeas +32bit) 001 20532912 13-Mar-15
Essbase Studio Svr (hypest) ​001 20532825 13-Mar-15
Essbase Studio Client​ (hypest) 001 20532830 13-Mar-15
​EPMA (hypepma) 
Calc Manager (hypcmg) 
001 20569991 03-Apr-15
Analytical Provider Services (hypaps) ​001 20532812 13-Mar-15
​Hyperion Financial Management (hyphfm)
Hyperion Planning​ (hyppla) 
001 20817841 06-Apr-15
Financial Data Manager (hypfdm) Enterprise Ed    
Data Relationship Manager (hypdrm) 302 20771275 03-Apr-15
Hyperion Profitability Cost Management (hyppcm)  none  
​Hyperion Financial Close Manager (hypfcm)  none  
Hyperion Strategic Finance (hyphsf) 
001 ​20458658 10-Feb-15
Hyperion SmartView (hyphsv) 20327649 28-Jan-2015

Smartview version is currently recommended for use with all versions back to 

KB Article 1932533.1 indicates that BI+ Production Reporting (i.e. Interactive Reporting, the old Brio product) will not be in any future EPM release beyond

KB Article 1932177.1 indicates that WA (Web Analysis) will not be in future EPM releases beyond 11.1.2.x (unclear if this means, but intent is clear).

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