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EPM Patches

The picture right shows the terminology that is now used by Oracle. 


This makes a Patch in the traditional EPM sense equal to a Patch Set Update (PSU), and a Release (e.g. being a combination of Product Version and Patch Set.

As you may be aware, Oracle have created a KB article 1400559.1 that covers the recommended patches for EPM.

The KB article (and the lifetime support doc) include a statement that for Hyperion Products to be on Premier Support they must be patched to either:

  • A Patch Set (aka Maintenance Release) released within 6m of the latest patch set
  • A Patch Set Update (aka Service Pack) released within 3m of the latest PSU

It is not clear if Oracle Support are actually enforcing the above, but it appears to give them the option to 'stop the clock' on a support SR until the environments are upgraded/patched to a supported level!

Current Patch situation

The Articles in this section represent the current known state for each release, with direct search links based on a regular Win2008R2 based install. These searches use the following simplified search page that accepts short codes for products (e.g. epmbi) : Simple Patch Search page here

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