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At EPM Infra we are able to provide a range of Technical Services ranging from overall Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Technical Architecture/Integration services to Mangement of Client Website/SharePoint Hosting (and Website Design).

Please checkout our services in more detail but at a high level they cover the following 4 areas:

1. Enterprise Master Data

We are one of the few organisations in the UK to have an Oracle Certified Data Relationship Management (DRM) Implementation Specialist, who is also highly skilled in the newer Cloud based Enterprise Data Manager (EDM

Integration of DRM/EDMcs published output into likes of E-Business Suite, Fusion Cloud, EPM Cloud, ServiceNow.

2. Data Integration

Whether it be Oracle's Financial Data Quality Manager (FDM) classic, FDMEE, ERPi, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), classic Load Rules, or custom compiled C# to load journals to HFM directly via the API,  we have many years of experience in leveraging the right tool to get your data into, out of, and between the various EPM components and other systems.

Everything these days is going Cloud and there is even more need for Integration... whether it be "EPM Automate", direct REST API calls to EPBCS, or setup of the EPM Agent, we can help.

We have assisted some of the largest multi-nationals with this, including M&G, ABK, Honda Europe, HSBC, BT, Lloyd Banking Group, Schroders, Old Mutual, Guardian News Media and many others across many business sectors. 

3. EPM Infrastructure

Somewhat depreciated now that the cloud is logical choice for many, but if you still want your legacy on-prem or PaaS EPM to be maintained, quick and configurable we can help with:

  • Installation (e.g. OnPrem 11.2.x) with SQL Server or Oracle RDBMS.
  • Upgrades (e.g. from 9.3.x/11.1.1.x to 11.2.x) & application of Maintenance Release Upgrades (e.g. to to allow upgrade to 11.2.x)
  • Patch Set Updates (PSU) to maintain your Oracle Premier Support
  • Environment Reviews (to help your generic IT department support this very specialised product suite)

4. Website Support

Not everyone knows about Web hosting, Content Management Systems, Domain Name Servers, Email mailboxes & forwarding, Domain name registration, etc. but may still want to have a web presence and team collaboration tools.

To bridge the gap we offer our skills in these areas to deal with the hosting companies on your behalf, and manage this vital area.

We can also help to create a website based upon the popular Joomla or Wordpress Content Management Systems which empowers you as end users to be able to edit the content of your website via a simple on-line editor while leaving the structural framework to us.

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